Poster Session

The poster session location, presenter, and title are below. The poster session will be held in the Keller Hall Atrium on the main (3rd) floor of the primary building. Enter through the main entrance to see the session.

Poster Number Presenter Name Poster Title
1 Shubham Aggarwal Large Population Games on Constrained Unreliable Networks
2 Sura Alhanouti Influencing Agents’ Manipulation vs. Improvement Actions in Strategic Classification
3 Logan Anderson Gain-Scheduled QSR-Dissipative Systems: An Input-Output Approach
4 Shivam Bajaj Autonomous Perimeter Defense: A Competitive Analysis Approach
5 Sandeep Banik FlipDyn: A game of resource takeovers in dynamical systems
6 Salar Basiri Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: a Maximum-Entropy-Principle Approach
7 Melih Bastopcu Dynamic Influence Maximization Game Over Social Networks
8 Alisina Bayati Efficient Industrial Drying: A Combinatorial Optimization Framework
9 Mingjie Bi Distributed Decision-making in Disrupted Industrial Environments Using a Multi-agent Framework
10 Darya Biparva Understanding the Shapley Explanations: Insights from Causal Inference
11 Christopher Calle A Concentration-Based Approach for Optimizing the Estimation Performance in Stochastic Sensor Selection
12 Sze Kwan Cheah Input-Output Bounding of Nonlinearities for Robust Control of Hypersonic Vehicle
13 Yikun Cheng Safe Model-Free Reinforcement Learning using Disturbance-Observer-Based Control Barrier Functions
14 Joe Clanin Adversarial Risk-Based Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow
15 Pranoy Das A Learning Algorithm for Stochastic Stackelberg Games
16 William Elke Modeling and Path Planning of a Quadcopter Testbed for Space Vehicle Control Design
17 Jonathan Gornet Stochastic Multi-Armed Bandits with Non-Stationary Rewards Generated by a Linear Dynamical System
18 Akshit Goyal An algorithm for bilevel optimization with traffic equilibrium constraints
19 Xingang Guo Global Convergence of Direct Policy Search for State-Feedback $\mathcal{H}_\infty$ Robust Control: A Revisit of Nonsmooth Synthesis with Goldstein Subdifferential
20 Robert Halverson Attitude Control of Dual-Spin Satellites in Low-Earth Orbit via MPC and Magnetic Actuation
21 Cailong Hua Quantifying Errors in the Jarzynski Estimator
22 Alex D. Hayes Guidance and Control for Targeted Reentry of Drag-Modulated Spacecraft
23 Mustafa Kapadia Parametrized Sequential Decision Making: a Maximum Entropy Principle Framework
24 Vivek Khatana DC-DistADMM:ADMM Algorithm for Constrained Optimization over Directed Graphs
25 Abbasali Koochakzadeh Priority Based Synchronization for Faster Learning in Games
26 Erik Lehner Robust Control of Hard Disk Drives: A Mixed 𝑯∞-𝑯𝟐-Optimal Control Approach
27 Jordan Leung A Reference Governor for Reducing the Computational Cost of Model Predictive Control
28 Tao Li On the Role of Information Structure in Dynamic Games: A Comparative Study on the Price of Transparency
29 Shih-Chi Liao Stability Analysis of Quadratic Systems using Quadratic Constraints
30 Qisai Liu Enhancing System-level Safety for Perception Model via Feedback Learning
31 Shashwata Mandal A data-mining approach to visibility-based pursuit-evasion game
32 Shashwata Mandal Hybrid Guard Deployment in Polygonal Environments: A Visibility-based Tracking Strategy using Surveillance Manifold and Data Mining Techniques
33 Weichao Mao On Improving Model-Free Algorithms for Decentralized Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
34 Vinh Nguyen Mu-Tip Passivity-Based Control of a Flexible-Joint Serial Manipulator
35 Pradeep Sharma Oruganti The impact of network design interventions on the security of interdependent systems
36 Jaesang Park Unified GFM and GFL control framework for Network level stability
37 Israel Donato Ridgley Self-Healing Fisrt-Order Distributed Optimization
38 Calvin Roth The Value of Community Information for Pricing Under Network Externalities
39 Mishfad Shaikh Veedu Topology Identification under Spatially Correlated Noise
40 Mishfad Shaikh Veedu Topology Learning of Linear Dynamical Systems with Latent Nodes using Matrix Decomposition
41 Raj Kiriti Velicheti Value of Information in Presence of Strategic Sensors
42 Maxwell Wu Game Theoretic Wind Farm Control Based on Level-k Cognitive Modeling
43 Bahram Yaghooti Iterative Feature Extraction via Fourier Analysis
44 Lihui Yi The Effects of Varying Charging Rates on Optimal Charging Station Choices for Electric Vehicles with Endogenous Congestion Cost
45 Haoyu Yin Hierarchical Multi-Agent Markov Decision Process over the Networks
46 Muhammad Aneeq uz Zaman Oracle-free Reinforcement Learning in Mean-Field Games along a Single Sample Path
47 Xiangyuan Zhang Receding-Horizon Policy Gradient: A Unified PG Solution to Linear Control and Estimation
48 Pan Zhao Disturbance Estimator-Based Contraction Control Under Learned Dynamics
49 Yuping Zheng Constrained Langevin Algorithms with L-mixing External Random Variables