Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are held in Keller Hall 3-210 at 3:30-4:30 on Saturday.

Name Title
Darya Biparva Understanding Shapley explanations: Insights from causal inference
Israel Donato Ridgley Self-Healing First-Order Distributed Optimization
Lihui Yi  The Effects of Varying Charging Rates on Optimal Charging Station Choices for Electric Vehicles with Endogenous Congestion Cost
Sandeep Banik FlipDyn: A game of resource takeovers in dynamical systems
Salar Basiri Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: a Maximum-Entropy-Principle Approach
Melih Bastopcu Dynamic Influence Maximization Game Over Social Networks
Pranoy Das A Learning Algorithm for Stochastic Stackelberg Games
William Elke Modeling and Path Planning of a Quadcopter Testbed for Space Vehicle Control Design
Xingang Guo Direct policy search for state-feedback H infinity robust control
Vivek DC-DistADMM: ADMM Algorithm for Constrained Optimization over Directed Graphs
Tao Li On the Role of Information Structure in Dynamic Games.
Qisai Liu  Enhancing System-level Safety for Perception Model via Feedback Learning
Shashwata Mandal A data-mining approach to visibility-based pursuit-evasion game
Pradeep Sharma Oruganti The Impact of Network Design Interventions on the Security of Interdependent Systems
Calvin Roth The Value of Community Information for Pricing Under Network Externalities
Bahram Yaghooti Information-theoretic Feature Extraction via Fourier Analysis
Yuping Zheng Constrained Langevin Algorithms with L-mixing External Random Variables